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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: HTTPD vs Jakarta Tomcat
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 09:51:27 GMT
How I would do it would be to use apache as the primary server and proxy requests to the Tomcat
server when required. Tomcat then, would only be accessible via the apche server.

The reason for this is that apache is a much more stable and reliable environment than Tomcat
and so all non-dynamic content would be guaranteed to be available at all times. Apache is
also much faster than tomcat at serving static files. In addition, during development, you
could run several tomcats on different ports and switch in the production tomcat via apache.



Owen Boyle


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>From: Johan Sunnerstig []
>Sent: Dienstag, 20. August 2002 11:05
>To: Apache users list (E-mail)
>Subject: HTTPD vs Jakarta Tomcat
>Im trying to decide between using Tomcat or Apache for a 
>couple of sites.
>We need Tomcat for JSP support, so it's gonna be involved 
>somehow no matter
>The server that will be running them will be serving a main site, which
>includes mostly static pages, but also some jsp stuff, this 
>site recieves
>some traffic, but nothing that I'd expect will give 
>performance problems
>with either software.
>It will also run some smalltime static pages, but those are 
>definately not
>an issue from a performance point of view, they recieve very 
>little traffic,
>however one or two will need SSL support.
>And, finally, it will run one or two proxys, right now we have 
>an old Apache
>box running mod_proxy, mod_ssl, and JRun, and it's working 
>good, cept we
>wanna get rid of JRun.
>So, the plan is to setup a new server, this will most likely be running
>Solaris 9, and Apache 2.x(if we go Apache), along with Tomcat.
>Figure on about 10 VHosts, 1 or 2 using SSL, maybe 2-3 
>proxy's, and a few
>static sites, one with JSP.
>Gives these parameteres, what would suit our needs best, a standalone
>Tomcat, or would it be better to try to run Apache with a 
>Tomcat connector?
>I should note that Im fairly familiar with Apache, compiling, 
>etc, while I've only played a bit with Tomcat these last few days.
>I've gotten it so far as to make sure the main site with JSP 
>works, but I've
>not delved into configurations of VHosts and such yet, as Im 
>not sure what
>we'll be running.
>It's not critical that I get it up and running immediately, so 
>if Tomcat is
>the better alternative, I'll sit down and read some docs and 
>such, so don't
>worry about that :)
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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