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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: ForceLanguagePriority
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 13:06:42 GMT
>From: Werner Schalk []
>what does the parameter NONE to
>the directive mentioned above do?
>I mean it is not explained
>in the pdf variant of the apache
>handbook :-(

I'm not an apache 2.0 user, but my reading of the documentation would be that:

	ForceLanguagePriority None

is equivalent to:

	# ForceLanguagePriority <Anything>

i.e. it is a way of disabling this directive. 

Apache directives increasingly have a "null" form which allows them to be disabled. I guess
the logic is that it is better specfically to disable the directive by setting an argument
than to use the old hacker's trick of commenting it out. Probably, this is helpful when the
conf-file is built by a script or some GUI-based configuration tool. Another example is "RewriteLogLevel"
which can be set to 0 - which is equivalent to commenting it out.

NB I haven't checked this - if it is critical (I think it isn't or I *would* check it), please
check this yourself and let us know :-)


Owen Boyle

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