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From "Boyle Owen" <>
Subject RE: Configuring Apache with EAPI
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 08:58:55 GMT
>From: Andrew Kenna []
>I must ask what the hell is EAPI ? 

Apache source code contains a series of interface routines which allows third-party modules
to communicate with apache. This is the Apche Application Programming Interface (API).

In the case of the mod_ssl module, because it needs to make calls to the openssl library functions,
the standard API is not sufficient. Hence, mod_ssl comes with an additional set of interfaces
which have to be patched into apache in order to *extend* the API. The resulting apache has
therefore an EAPI. There is a nice picture of this on the mod_ssl website.

While originally designed for mod_ssl, you can extend the API and then NOT load mod_ssl. I
think some other modules can actually make use of it. It's rather like fitting a ski rack
to your car and then using it to carry your golf clubs :-)


Owen Boyle

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