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From Mark Edwards <>
Subject Apache 1.3.26+modssl on FreeBSD 4.6.1: processes wont die
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 04:19:26 GMT
I've got the FreeBSD Apache+modssl 1.3.26 port installed, with the modphp 
4.2.2 port installed.  Generally things are just fine.  However, every once 
in a while (after Apache has been running for several days) the number of 
httpd processes grows to the point where Apache just stops.

Restarting apache with apachectl restart clears the processes and enables 
Apache to work again.  apachectl graceful keeps the processes running.

I've really combed over my httpd.conf file and even rebuilt it, and I'm 
pretty sure there's nothing wrong there.  Something appears to be 
inhibiting the root httpd server from killing off processes, but I cannot 
figure out what.  The really frustrating thing is that I don't see any 
error messages indicating a problem killing off the processes.

Can anyone offer some suggestions?

I'm on the digest, so please CC my address.  Thanks.

Mark Edwards
San Francisco, CA

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