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From "Ron Wingfield" <>
Subject Re: VirtualHosting
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 15:35:11 GMT

  Both domains return the first site.  I expected that Apache would examine
  the headers of the http request and return the requested site based on the
  name.  Do I have to set up multiple local IPs on my machine and put each
  separate IP in each VirtualHost block? Can anyone tell me what I am doing
Here's my two cents:  Granted that I STILL need to upgrade from 2.0.28, 
I would say "NO" to your question regarding separate IP's.
I cannot get my virtual hosts to serve unless I specify (using the asterisks):
    <VirtualHost *>
        ErrorLog logs/archaxis_error_log
        CustomLog logs/archaxis_access_log common

    <VirtualHost *>
        DocumentRoot /www/vhosts/

etc. (i.e., additional VirtualHost containers)

If I specify the common static IP address assigned to the primary server (
and the virtuals (e.g.,, then only the index.htm for will
be served.   . . .Why?  Can someone comment, please?

Ron W.

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