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From "Chris Taylor" <>
Subject Re: 20 requests causes server to crawl
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 21:33:45 GMT
20 requests causes server to crawlThis rings a bell.

I'm wondering if Apache2 has serious performance issues on Windows 2000, some benchmarks I
did with the ab package show it lagging *far* behind what I'd expect.

Although my machine is only a Celeron 666 w/ 384 megs of RAM, it can serve only 22 requests
for a simple HTML page/sec, whereas my 300mhz/32megs PS2 serves in the region of 380/sec!

I'd certainly be interested to hear input from serious Windows/Apache2 server admins, because
a machine with half the CPU power (running Linux) performs nearly 20 times better.

I realise Apache2 isn't yet fully optimized for Windows, but I can't believe it's this bad

Anyone got any advice on 2k setup for Apache?

Chris Taylor - - The guy with the PS2 Webserver :)

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  From: Pelton, James 
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  Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 10:13 PM
  Subject: 20 requests causes server to crawl

  I've got a brand-new Compaq server, run a fresh install of Win2K server, with the latest
service pack (3). 

  I'm running 2.0.39 w/ mod_ssl with ColdFusion MX Server and ChiliSoft ASP (most recent versions).

  When there are only a very few simultaneous connections, the server serves pages quite quickly.
But once I get as many as 15-20 simultaneous requests, the server crawls so bad you'd think
it had crashed. When that happens, Apache grabs 99% of the CPU time, and Windows Explorer
becomes unresponsive or very sluggish.

  HostName lookups are off 
  I use only IP#s in my httpd.conf file 
  The files being served are local 
  I use Options FollowSymLinks and not Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch 
  I do not use .htaccess files 
  AllowOverride is set to none 
  DirectoryIndex lists options explicitly (i.e. index.asp) and does not use wildcards 
  I have only one CPU 
  I have about 500 megs of ram 
  mod_status and extendedstatus are on 

  The problem occurs even when serving only a couple SSL pages 

  Any suggestions? 

  James Pelton 

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