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From "Chris Taylor" <>
Subject Re: 20 requests causes server to crawl
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 23:08:37 GMT
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Glad to be of help :)

Chris Taylor - - The guy with the PS2 WebServer -

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From: Pelton, James 
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Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 11:44 PM
Subject: RE: 20 requests causes server to crawl

Flawed script it was. You were right! 

I set server-status to refresh every second, and set Win2K to notify
me when CPU pegged out. When that happened, I printed the
server-status report. I then made a big pile of the reports and read
through them. I found that bad page:

I inherited a message board driven by an Access database. When I set
up my new server, that access file didn't get copied. When people
tried to look at it, the page hung and Apache went through the roof.
It was very easy to reproduce.

Thanks for your help!!! 

james pelton 

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From: Chris Taylor [] 

The RAM bloat stinks of "infinite loop" to me. 

I don't know ASP or CF well, but PHP has a "max memory" option. Do 
they have similar things? 

That is a HUGE amount of RAM to be using, given that we're talking of
only 20-40 concurrent clients. 

I think you need to get your programmers to have a serious look at 
their scripts........ :) 

Chris Taylor - - The guy with the PS2 WebServer - 

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From: Pelton, James 

Flawed scripts: could be, but, at least with ColdFusion, I'd expect 
the task manager to list the CPU cycles under CF's process, rather 
than Apache's. We're trying to figure out how to eliminate the 
ChiliSoft ASP engine as the culprit. 

Database access: the ASP pages only access local Access files. 

The box is a Compaq Proliant DL380 (1.26 GHz processor, with 512K 
cache, and 312 mb Compaq ram) 

The site is for a medical society; you can see it at 
The ASP pages don't do anything fancy. We do have an e-commerce site,
but that's all handled by ColdFusion. 

I don't know if it's relevant, but occasionally the amount of ram 
Apache uses bloats from 19mb to 300-600mb, though this doesn't seem 
related to the CPU usage and performance problem. 

james pelton 

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