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From <>
Subject RE: VirtualHosting
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 15:55:09 GMT
I am using 1.3.19

My issues with 2.0 run long and deep ... there may be a conflict between
me installing 2.0 over 1.3.19 - what I'd love to do is completely remove
_any_ and _all_ apache files from my server and reinstall again from
scratch with 2.0.39

The problem being of course that I installed from source and have no
(don't know where to get) a list of files that apache installs.

If anyone could help out with that - I'll clean up my server and
reinstall from source...

Should the IP specified in <virtualhost ... > and NameVirtualHost be my
external (that requests come in on) or internal IP(that apache is
running on)?

James Herschel
JSquared Network Solutions

-----Original Message-----
From: Jack Nerad [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: VirtualHosting wrote:
> Yessir, I put an index.html in my /var/www/htdocs to test that - if
> go to either domain you'll see 'dumb' ;-)
> When I make a bad request to either domain nothing shows up in my
> error_log

Don't forget that you've set up different logging for each vhost.  Are 
they both empty?

Jack Nerad

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