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From dale <>
Subject Apache 1.3.xx and php and ...
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 11:24:11 GMT

I am currently running apache and php with mysql on a server 
that  I wish to update to the latest apache and php for 
security reasons.

The original install was done via rpms (redhat 7.2), and 
unfortunately when I try to upgrade apache or php I am told I 
can't due to various dependencies. This is very annoying!

As a result, I think it will probably be better for me to just 
compile my own copies of apache and php.  But I am not sure 
what is the best way to do this. Everyone seems to have their 
own suggestions on whether to compile modules in or not.

I need to stay with the 1.3 series due to a special module I 
do use that is not quite ready to go with 2.x

I will be using php with phpbb as well as perl, imagemagick 
(and probably a few other standard apache modules) and I 
expect to be using (after I learn more about it) mod_rewrite 
as well as this other special module I am using.

How would the folks here recommend compiling apache to meet 
the above needs?

Thank you for your time and hopefully, suggestions and 


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