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From Don Montalvo <>
Subject two versions installed (newbie question)
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 04:40:31 GMT
I just joined so be easy on me while I post my first question. :)

I've had Apache 1.3.22 running on YellowDog Linux 2.3 
(Intranet/Internet Server GUI, strictly Run Level 3) on 
a Macintosh Powerbook Series G3 (20G/384M) for about a month.

A few days ago I tried to use apt-get to update Apache to the latest 
version of 1.3x. I got the following warning:

-------------------start of terminal error------------------------
[montalvd_pb:~]root# apt-get update
Hit apt/2.3/base/pkglist.main
Ign apt/2.3 release.main
Hit apt/2.3/base/srclist.main
Ign apt/2.3 release.main
Hit apt/2.3/base/pkglist.extra
Ign apt/2.3 release.extra
Hit apt/2.3/base/srclist.extra
Ign apt/2.3 release.extra
Hit apt/2.3/base/pkglist.update
Ign apt/2.3 release.update
Hit apt/2.3/base/srclist.update
Ign apt/2.3 release.update
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Ign apt/2.3/base/mirrors
Processing File Dependencies... Done
Reading Package Lists... Error!
E: There are two or more versions of the package 'apache' installed 
in your system, which is a situation APT can't handle cleanly at the 
Please do one of the following:
1) Remove the older packages, leaving only one version installed; or
2) If you do want to have multiple versions of that package, add the 
package names to the RPM::AllowedDupPkgs option.

E: Error occured while processing apache (UsePackage2)
E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/rpm/Packages
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
-------------------end of terminal error------------------------

I surfed around to find info on how to get rid of the old version of 
Apache nothing I found worked. I was hoping you guys might have run 
into this problem before.


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