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From Guillaume Filion <>
Subject Re: Directory access
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 22:01:58 GMT
At 13:27 -0400 17/07/02, wrote:
>Currently to access my apache site, you enter :
>       http://med/hotquery
>A login appears.
>I also want the users to be able to access:
>       http://med/hotquery/export
>I get a 403 forbidden.  How can I open this up and are there security
>issues in doing so?

I think that you need to setup the AllowOverride Option for the 
"hotquery" directory.

# This controls which options the .htaccess files in directories can
# override. Can also be "All", or any combination of "Options", "FileInfo",
# "AuthConfig", and "Limit"
AllowOverride All

That way, the "hotquery/export" directory will use the .htaccess 
configuration located in "hotquery", rather than just looking into 

Hope this helps,
Guillaume Filion
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Qu├ębec, Canada -
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