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From Gary Turner <>
Subject Re: Includes not working
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 16:04:14 GMT
On Fri, 05 Jul 2002 11:34:38 +0200, Boyle Owen wrote:

>>From: Gary Turner []
>>>How do I get includes working on Apache 1.3.x (win32)? 
>>Be sure too that
>>"Loadmodule includes_module <path>/"
>>is un-commented in your httpd.conf file.  
>Just to be clear, this will not generally be necessary. mod_include is a base module which
means that if you compile apache statically it will be loaded by default. If you compiled
a DSO apache, it will also be loaded by default - unless you specifically defined that it
should be a shared module at compile time (i.e. --enable-shared=include --enable-module=include).
In other words, you would have to go out of your way quite a bit before you would need the
line above.

Mine is installed from the Debian package.  It is DSO, and the
"includes_module" was dis-abled by default.  Since mine came this way, I
thought everyone's did. :)

In any case, whether from built in or mod-enabled, the OP needs or mod_include.c, right?
It ain't so much what you don't know that gets you in trouble---
it's what you do know that ain't so.--unk

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