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From Gary Turner <>
Subject Re: VitualHost problem finally fixed
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 07:01:10 GMT
On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 02:16:53 -0400, Admin wrote:

>Well, thanks alot all you wonderful 
>so-called experts and people claiming this and that.

I want to echo that.  Thanks a lot.  The level of expertise on this list
is very nice to see.

>Most everybody on this list that claims to know something,
>really frustrates me and others to no end....with their so-called
>answers to questions.

The so-called answers worked for me.  Maybe I mistakenly sought a
solution when I should have looked for an argument.

>I've been monitoring this list for a very long time, as well as
>posting questions of my own. And most everytime i asked for help
>someone claiming to know this or that, directed me (and others)
>to look it up in the docs. Oh sure...they gave a short and sweet
>so-called answer, but they always told us to GO LOOK IT UP.

Geez.  I thought RTFM was part of every answer--kinda like please and
thank you.  The short answer is usually good enough for me to start on,
then I RTFM to learn the whys and wherefores.  'Course sometimes it's
the other way around and the manual gets me started and the gurus flesh
it out.

>Offering no help, but that, and i don't consider that help. As far as
>that is concerned, I was led to believe that this list is supposed to
>be for asking help and receiving same. Not just telling others to 
>"GO LOOK IT UP" least that is what is stated on the "support"
> section on the apache website...for this list.

My intro to users' lists was over at Debian-users.  It doesn't take long
to figure out that you're expected to really think through your problem,
RTFM, and take Google to the limit before bringing it to the list.
There are guys over there, and here to, that literally wrote the book.
If you're ready to argue their specialties, you better have "looked it
up" in a serious manner.

>Well, thanks for nothing !!!!

Does this mean you're leaving?  You might ponder this post's sig line.
Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving 
there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof.
-- John Kenneth Galbraith, economist 

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