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Subject mime type for apache
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 13:04:50 GMT
Migration of servlets running on TOMCAT to Apache(Oracle 9IAS )- 
functionality issue
We have written java servlets for reports that display the result set in html 

format on the browser and at the same time we are storing this result set in 
file with extension xls. On the user interface, when java servlet is run, 
html report appears on the screen with an option to "Open using EXCEL" . If 
the users click on "Open using EXCEL", the file opens in xls. 

To achieve this functionality, we have modified web.xml file's mime type 
settings in TOMCAT. This behavior works well on TOMCAT. We want to acheive 
similar functionality in Apache because our servlets have migrated to Apache 
(9IAS) from TOMCAT. 

1/ On the client's browser, the report can open in xls when servlet runs 
2/ On the same client's browser, the report DOES NOT open in xls when servlet 

runs under Oc4j proxied to Apache.

Would anyone know or suggest how we can resolve this issue (any similar 
setting for Apache /oc4J?) please advise.

Thanks and best regards,


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