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From capt <>
Subject Re: Signals failure trying to compile 2.0.39 on TRU-Unix 4.0G
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:36:10 GMT
I am very pleased to report that Ryan Bloom has fixed the signal 
failures and made a work round for the filter so that Tru unix 4.0G now 
compiles. He has posted the amended source to the tree but if any v4 
Alpha users are out there who cannot wait for the next release then 
please contact me and I will forward a tar.
We made a development m/c available to Ryan for this work and if any 
other developer needs access to a v4 Alpha please mail us and I will 
arrange it immediately.
Thank you to Ryan for his time and effort.
Stuart mckenzie

In message <>, capt <> writes
>I have been trying to compile version 2 since its beta days without 
>success.  Although I can plough through the errors and resolve them one 
>way or another  (Eg HAVE_SO_ACCEPTFILTER fails) I am absolutely stuck 
>by the time the signals section is reached.  I haven't a clue why 
>tru-unix can't cope.  Haas anybody any pointers please?  The ./config 
>now appears perfect.  The errors are below:
>stuart mckenzie
>cc: Error: signals.c, line 222: Invalid expression. (badexpr)
>    store_desc(SIGALRM, "Alarm clock");
>cc: Severe: More than 30 errors were encountered in the course of 
>compilation. (toomanyerr)
>*** Exit 1


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