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From Larry Tai <>
Subject How to rebuild Apache-2.0.39_3 from FreeBSD port with extra CFLAGS?
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:29:22 GMT


     I need to rebuild Apache-2.0.39_3 from Freebsd port with extra CFLAGS
defined, specifically "-DFD_SETSZIE=8192".  I tried putting it in the
different configure files and make files but the definitions seemed to get
lost or ignored everytime I do a make.

     I'm not sure which file(s) I should change and the exact syntax of
the line. Most of the feedbacks from a google search mentioned that the
lines with either CFLAGS and EXTRA_CFLAGS in the configure file should be
changed as in:


     The problem is that there aren't any lines that conveniently look
like "CFLAGS=" that I can change in the configure file from the port.  
I've also tried putting the string as an ENV variable and that didn't help
either.  A log of the make process did not show the extra CFLAGS was used
at all.

     I really need to recompile the server as it is hanging periodically
with errors that seemed to indicate that I'm running out of file

"Wed Jul 10 00:54:46 2002] [warn] (61)Connection refused: connect to

[Wed Jul 10 11:12:57 2002] [warn] new file descriptor 1222 is too large;
     you probably need to rebuild Apache with a larger FD_SETSIZE
     (currently 1024)

     Any help you can give me to recompile Apache with the new FD_SETSIZE
value would be greatly appreciated.

     I'm running FreeBSD 4.5-stable and I'm only supporting five virtual
hosts.  Is 1024 a little low for a default FD_SETSIZE?

     Thanks in advance.

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