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From <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosts Issue
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 00:59:38 GMT

There are a couple of issues that you might be experiencing.

Firstly, when you start apachectl with the startssl parameter, your
apachectl script is probably starting the apache daemon with the -DSSL
option.  This tells apache to define a name for use in <IfDefine name>
directives.  Your httpd.conf file probably looks something like this:

<IfDefine SSL>
LoadModule ssl_module         libexec/
<IfDefine SSL>
AddModule mod_ssl.c

This tells apache that if it was started with the SSL option defined
(-DSSL) then execute the directive within this IfDefine container.  So
when you use startssl, apache is probably trying to load your SSL module
and failing for some reason.  Your error_log will hopefully tell you what
is happening.  You could also try running "httpd -DSSL" by hand to see
what might be wrong.  If you get a segmentation fault, then you probably
have a conflict between your SSL module and another module.  You might try
commenting out unused modules to find the problem.  It is also possible
that you have other configurations within <IfDefine SSL> containers that
are breaking your server config only when they are included due to the use
of startssl.

The next problem you may be up against is the use of SSL with name-based
vhosts. You say that you are running several virtual hosts on one IP
address, which implies that you are using name-based vhosts (unless you
are running them off of different ports).  If your goal is to have these
same vhosts each accessible via SSL, then you have a terminal problem.  
Keep in mind that name based vhosts depend on the Host: header sent by the
client in the HTTP message.  Due to the nature of HTTP over SSL, the SSL
portion of the connection is set up first.  The hostname of your web site
will be sent to the client within your SSL server certificate and before
the HTTP request (with Host: header) is even sent to the server.  Because
of this, your SSL configurations will essentially turn your name based
vhost configurations back into a regular IP based vhost config.  And, if
memory serves me correctly, all of you name based vhosts on that IP
address will be merged together, essentially causing repeated directives
to overwrite one another.

Hope this helps,

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Caio james wrote:

> Hello,
> I am using redhat 72 with a self compiled apache 1.3.26 with php421, 
> mod_ssl, mod_perl, and coldfusion 5.
> I have added several virtual hosts on one IP address and those hosts 
> work as they should. However, when I add a virtual host that is on a 
> different IP (an IP that is on a virtual interface), apache does not 
> start.
> Using apachectl startssl, the response I get is only:
> /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl startssl: httpd started
> Yet, apache is NOT running at all. The configuration does work, however, 
> if I use the standard start command instead of startssl.
> My httpd.conf file is located here if you would like to check it out:
> Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
> Caio
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