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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject RE: UseCanonicalName Off
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 10:51:04 GMT
On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Boyle Owen wrote:

> >From: Werner Schalk []
> >
> >the docs says if a client
> >does not supply a value for
> >server name and port it has
> >requested and if UseCanonicalName
> >is set to "Off" it will determine
> >the server's name by using it's
> >canonical name. What does that
> >exactly mean? Is here the dns
> >name meant or the one which
> >is set by the ServerName directive
> >or what?
> >
> I see what you mean - the docs are a little unclear on this point. My understanding is
that the canonical name of the VH is defined as the ServerName and Port in the VH container.
> UseCanonicalName on  => use only ServerName + Port, ignore client Host header.
> UseCanonicalName off => use client Host header if it exists, otherwise use ServerName
+ Port.

I'd like to make this doc clearer if I can, however, this is almost verbatim
what the docs say, isn't it? To quote:

With UseCanonicalName on, Apache will use the ServerName and Pot
directives to construct a canonical name for the server. This name is
used in all self-referential URLs, and for the values of SERVER_NAME and

With UseCanonicalName off, Apache will form self-referential URLs using
the hostname and port supplied by the client, if they are supplied.
Otherwise it will use the canonical name.


Which is exactly what you said. I know it is a bit more verbose. Is that
wnat is confusing?

> DNS is only consulted if you say "UseCanonicalName DNS".

Specifically, Apache does a reverse lookup on the IP address with which
the client connected. This is for clients that don't provide a  Host:

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