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From Nick Stephens <>
Subject Apache 1.3.26 SSL name issue
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 19:23:18 GMT
Apache 1.3.26
Openssl 0.9.6e

im running apache on a staging server before a site goes into production.
it has ssl enabled on it, and we have real ssl keys (which i am using on
this staging box as well).  problem is, whenever you go to 443, java
things its and not based on what apache
is returning (ServerName in the 443 virthost).

Ok, simple enough.. i go in and change it to and it
should be ok?  I do a configtest, its OK.. i startssl, it starts.  Problem
is it doesnt really start.  Apache says it does, but the process isnt
there, and it isnt recording the pidfile i guess as i can do startssl all
day long with the same results: it doesnt accept connections on 443 at

has anyone had any experience with this?  I cant find any logfiles saying
wtf is going on, and im a bit confused as to why apache is crapping out

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