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Subject RE: Strange things with virutal hosts
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 07:32:43 GMT

Will do that,

hope it helps... The way it is (yes, I'm not finished with it yet) I had to
copy the httpd.conf from the original host (hoped that would work) but that
one was generated by "Linuxconf" and I have slackware... I think there may
be a problem with that... I will gather the information I have in the
configfiles and write a new one from scratch... with a load of BS left
out.. ;-) (I don't expect hungarian pages here... *grin*)

But thanks!

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                    02-07-2002           Subject:     RE: Strange things with virutal hosts
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>From: []

>Did that, but it doesn't really help...
>What I find so strange is that Apache clearly understands the
>between two virtual hosts, but only sees the difference when the main
>document (index.html) is given, and not when it just gets the "host"

I had another look through your config... it has many funny features.

Rather than pick through it line-by-line, I'd recommend you rework it and
build it around VHs from the start, i.e.

- Remove all various Listen and Port directives and have only one:

- Use IP address in VH defns, e.g.

- Move all directory containers into the VH they apply to.

The way things are, apache is finding a match to the request before it gets
into the VH area - try to have only server-config directives outside of a
VH when you go to a VH-based config..

Good LUck!

Owen Boyle

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