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Subject SSI
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 11:28:43 GMT
Hi everyone!

I am experiencing problems trying to get SSI with mod_rewrite to work. 
Here a short description of what I am trying to accomplish:

(1) using a special rewrite-rule I want to serve certain pages via a 
servlet running in Tomcat, which gets the originally requested url as a 
request-parameter (to be precise: if the html-page does NOT exist in the 
document root, it is created via Tomcat, otherwise the static page is 
served)  ... I got this working fine
(2) this functionality should also be supported if I include this page in 
a server side include <!--#include virtual="..." --> ... and this does NOT work with
my configuration --- the servlet is never 

Or to put it into a short example:
(1) if I point my browser to "http://localhost/foo/bar/123.html" my 
servlet on http://somehost:8080/abc/myservlet.shtml gets called (I added 
.shtml to the servlet-name ... don't know if this does any good ?!?)
(2) if I open http://localhost/test.html which looks like this:
<!--#include virtual="/foo/bar/123.html" -->
the servlet is NOT executed.

The rewrite-rule in my httpd.conf looks like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteLog rewrite.log
RewriteLogLevel 9
RewriteCond "C:/Program Files/Apache 
Group/Apache/htdocs%{REQUEST_FILENAME}"   !-f
RewriteRule (.*)        http://somehost:8080/abc/myservlet.shtml?url=$1 

So I get the result of the servlet via the internal proxy (P) with 
contenttype text/html (T=...), which works in the first (simple) case 
(without SSI), but it fails when I use server-side-#includes.
Does anybody know what exactly is going wrong and what I can do about it?

BTW:The rewrite.log says something like that: - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#84f1f8/initial] (2) init rewrite engine with 
requested uri /test.html - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#84f1f8/initial] (3) applying pattern '(.*)' to 
uri '/test.html' - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#84f1f8/initial] (4) RewriteCond: 
input='C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/htdocs/test.html' 
pattern='!-f' => not-matched - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#84f1f8/initial] (1) pass through /test.html - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#851210/subreq] (2) init rewrite engine with 
requested uri /foo/bar/123.html - - [03/Jul/2002:13:20:24 +0200] 
[host.local/sid#795aa8][rid#851210/subreq] (1) pass through 

So it tries to get /foo/bar/123.html but does NOT apply any rewrite-rules 
(which it should to make this example work...)

Any help appreciated
Helmut Rubasch
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