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Subject RE: Strange things with virutal hosts
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:05:59 GMT

I figured that setting was not set yet, so I did it, but to no real avail:
I still get:
http://develop -> forreal
http://develop/ -> forreal
http://develop/index.html -> develop

so, there was no subtle mistake there...
any other options left?

>From: []

>The machine is running different virtual hosts, say
>develop, test, forreal
>The main document is 'forreal' which everybody will see even
>if they call
>the site by IP number.
>When I do "http://develop/" I get the 'forreal' site. (Which I
>don't want
>right then, right there)
>However when I do "http://develop/index.html" I get the right 'develop'

I guess you need "UseCanonicalName on" in each VH. This will make sure the
self-referential redirect from apache points back to the right VH (I'm
guessing you made a subtle mistake in your post and that you really get:

http://develop             -> forreal
http://develop/            -> develop
http://develop/index.htmlo -> develop


Owen Boyle

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