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From "Gert Koefoed Andersen" <>
Subject Looking for some helt to first setup of apache for http & ftp.
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 15:52:45 GMT

I am to setting Apache up for first time, and looking for the way of setting
it up with using a kind of alias use.
and asking where i can setting it up for the first to web http using of file
downloading, my old and allready web server is setting up to use 2
directories, as f:\xitami\basehost.cfg and l:\webpages\*.htm, the
basehost.cfg file using the alias string as kbhs/general=m:\general, where
there too is a file named default.cfg and xitami.cfg to tell of the other
files. The basehost.cfg file tells Xitami where to look for main index.htm
files, and ind my l:\webpages directory is only all the main htm files as
first the main head index.htm which is the first file to show user and the
the next file is files.htm when a user hit the download link, and if the
choosen link in the files.htm file is a command as:
<p><a href="kbhs/general/index.htm"> the user will directed directly to drev
M: and m:\generel\index.htm to be shown what of files here are by the
index.htm file.

o what i like to know is how and where to setting up for alias as
kbhs/pub1/general=M:\general and all of the other directories for all my
files, and setting AP1.3.26 to use l:\webpages

  Gert Koefoed Andersen

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