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From "Dennis Foreman" <>
Subject need 1.3.20 .msi file
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:16:17 GMT
The WinXp Add/Remove Programs tool requires the .msi file to do a
remove. Without it, Add/Remove will quit. (It does give a chance to browse
for the file, but I deleted it a LONG time ago, not knowing it would be

Is there an archive around with these old files? Or does anyone
have them handy? Since I don't use the old 1.x server for anything anymore,
I don't care if I break it before installing 2.0.x. I would prefer to NOT
get into the registry to delete the old 1.3 entries.

PS. Could someone update the documentation for newbies that the msi file is
NEEDED by the MS install tool?

D. J. Foreman
website: http://WWW.CS.Binghamton.EDU/~foreman 

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