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From "Stéphane Pétrot"<>
Subject custom log URGENT !!
Date Sat, 27 Jul 2002 15:09:19 GMT

I have a server which job is to redirect customer request 
to URI. 
The process is : 

1. Customer browser send a request to my apache web 
server (server R).
2. The answer is a redirection to an URI from a database 
(with a php script : 
header("Location:" . $url) ; )
3. Customer browser receive the URI as answer and make 
the resolution to get 
the requested final web page (given by the URI).

The final web page is given by another web server (server 

My problem is : 
I want to see in the log of the server F that the 
customer request hasn't been 
made directly but through the server R.
How to configure my server R so that it sends an answer 
with any information 
that the customer browser is able to transmitt to the 
server F. In that way, I 
can see in the log from the server F that the request 
come through the server

Maybe there is a script solution ? or something else ?

Thanks for helping !!

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