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From John McGovern <>
Subject Trying to make a smallish version of iTools locally, almost got it working but I can't get something working.
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 13:39:40 GMT
First off for those who don't know what iTools is or was it's a WebDAV
folder or iDisk and it has a bunch of folders in it like Sites Pictures
and what not.  Right now I just want users to be able to make a public
folder in their account and that will be a WebDAV folder.  Within that
folder I want the html directory so that web pages can be editied by
WebDAV.  What I wanted to do was leave http://serever/~username/ working
as it should point to the user's web page, and have something like
http://server/dav/username/ go to the webdav and require authentication.

AliasMatch /dav/([^/]*)(.*) /home/$1/public$2

<Location /dav/*>
     AllowOverride All
     DAV On
     Options Indexes
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

That is how I went about that, and I put an .htaccess file in the public
folder that contains this:

AuthType Basic
AuthName " WebDAV"
AuthUserFile /home/user/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

First off this doesn't work currently as it just ignores the .htaccess
file, I had it working for a second but then it was also making me
authenticate to get to the webpage http://server/~user/.  I'm at a loss
as to what I need to do since I have been staring at these config files
for like 15 hours.

Please help!!

-John M.

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