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From "Nathan La Montagne" <>
Subject MIME Types
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 17:35:49 GMT
This question is regarding default MIME types.  I am running a MAC OS X 
server 10.1 (which uses Apache as it's webserver), and on the website I have 
a link to an EndNote 5 file. (EndNote is a bibliography program).  The 
problem is that EndNote files have no suffix, and when someone downloads it 
or tries to open it, other MAC computers think that the file is a text file. 
  I believe that the problem is that the server, not recognizing an endnote 
file, sends the suffix-less file, MIMEing it's content as text, becasue that 
is how the server defaults.   I would like to change that default to 
send-as-is, rather than it being a text content.  Does anyone know what the 
deal is?  I can change MIME configuration for files with suffixes, but 
Haven't figured out yet how to change how the server handles files without 

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