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From "Trish Hartnett" <>
Subject RE: Restricting access with both IP address and password
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 18:46:13 GMT
I got it working thanks. I'm not sure why but when I changed AllowOverride 
All to AllowOverride Limit in the httpd.conf something very bad happened. 
The error.log file got an extra line in it every second or 2 (literally) 
saying :
"[Tue Jul 02 18:27:06 2002] [alert] [client] 
e:/apache/htdocs/.htaccess: AddHandler not allowed here"
This continued so long as the Apache server was running as a server.

So I put the AllowOverride back to All instead. And now I have an IP 
restricted, password restricted web page :>:>:>:>

I have found out that the problem is that my machine was connecting to a 
proxy server, so that my machine's browser was not connecting the Internet 
directly. I've bypassed the proxy server on the browser so that it only 
accesses the proxy server, for files that are not served by the server on my 

Thank you all for your help again, hugs,

>From: "Boyle Owen" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RE: Restricting access with both IP address and password
>Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:06:34 +0200
> >From: Trish Hartnett []
> >ipconfig confirms that the IP address of this computer is
> > .
> >Then I checked the access logs as you said , using babana.html
> >as web page
> >that I know does not exist on my server.
> >Here's what the access logs had:
> >" - - [02/Jul/2002:17:10:51 +0100] "GET
> >/404error.html HTTP/1.0"
> >304 -"
>Where's "banana" in this log entry? Are you sure it relates to the request? 
>If you're runnning a development server presumably you can see each hit as 
>it comes in. To be sure, stop apache, copy your log file to access_log_OLD 
>or something, start apache, make a hit, look in the new logfile where you 
>should find only one hit..
> > My computer is acts as a server, and it is connected to the
> >campus network,
> >which in turn is connected to the outside world via lots of hubs and
> >routers.
>Is your browser running on the same machine as apache? If so, there's no 
>need to worry about external routers etc..
>By the way, I just realised that your allow/deny directives are in a 
>.htaccess - do you have an "AllowOverride Limit" in your main config? If 
>not, you need it to allow the .htaccess directives to take effect - check 
>the docs for AllowOverride.
>Owen Boyle
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