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From "Desmond Lee" <>
Subject Re: install apacheconf rpm needs apache
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 21:44:02 GMT
Hi Jeff,... it's me again :)

>I think there's a switch, something like '--rebuild' you need
>to give to rpm.

when you go 'rpm --rebuild somePackage.src.rpm' it seems to do some 
compiling. However, when i do 'rpm -q somPackage' it indicates that the 
package did not get installed. Is there somethign else i have to do? (oh and 
to use the rebuild option you have to be using src.rpm files?)

Also, some of the packages keep on asking for dependencies, which ask for 
other packages, which in turn ask for other dependencies. Is there some way 
to avoid this? Can't the rpm be smart enought to take care of it for me. I 
heard that the ports on freebsd will do something like that?

>We keep going like this and you'll know everything I do. ;)

Thanks again. YOur help is always appreciated greatly.

I look forward to hearing your reply.


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