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From Davide Giunchi <>
Subject change DOCUMENT_ROOT via mod_rewrite
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 10:12:45 GMT

How can i rewrite the content of the environment variable DOCUMENT_ROOT via 
the mod_rewrite module?
I've a mass-virtual-hosting system based on mod_rewrite, everything is 
working ok expect the DOCUMENT_ROOT that it's alsays refered to the principal 
DocumentRoot directive (/web/htdocs). 
In the doc page
the problem is well explained ("The other thing to `fake' is the document 
root ...") and it say that can be solved via the VirtualDocumentRoot 
directive of the mod_vhost_dyn and via the mod_rewrite.
I've already tryied mod_vhost_dyn and it works but for various reason i 
cannot use this, but how can i do this with mod_rewrite?


Davide Giunchi

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