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From "David Iungerich" <>
Subject forwarding http POST to secure server via https
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 03:28:15 GMT
I need to implement Apache as an https to http forwarder.  I plan to use
ProxyPass, but am having difficulty figuring out the correct configuration.
My scenario is as follows:

I have an appserver that needs to POST http requests to another company's
appserver.  Unfortunately, the particular product we are using has issues
being able to send https, and the other company requires it.  They have
issued us certificates to talk to them.  I need to be able to send http POST
reqests to an Apache webserver, have it encrypt the request with the other
company's cert, and then pass the POST onto that company's server via https.
No browser involved.  Eventually, I will need to do the same thing in
reverse, but initially I just need to be able to send in this direction.
Can anyone tell me the specific entries needed in the conf file to implement
this.  Again, our server http to Apache, then encrypt, and Apache to other
company's server via https.

Thanks in advance.

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