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From "Dave" <>
Subject Symlink directories
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 17:02:39 GMT
For sake of organization, wish to structure the following...

home directories segregated alphabetically

users will have public http documents in a folder of the same name

domains (or more appropriately virtual domain containers) in a domain folder

these individual domains are easily mapped inside the virtualhost containers to
the docroot
    DocumentRoot /usr/home/j/joeuser/

What I would like to do is have all user directories(public) and domain
directories also available via a server domain...
    DocumentRoot /www/ispserver

then symlink in all the user directories and domain names in a fashion such as

would like to do this dynamically /usr/home/*/*/*  ??  so that any newly created
user directories or added domains can be instantly accessible via the servers
domain name for viewing/testing whatever.

Thoughts comments, RTFM pointers?  missing something here because attempt to
symlink to date generate a 	Symbolic link not allowed: /www/ispserver/joeuser/
even with FollowSymLinks in the main and virtualhost containers



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