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From Damian Alonso <>
Subject Apache 1.3.23 On Linux Timeout Issues
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 00:40:23 GMT
Hi All,

This problem has us stumped for answers, and I would appreciate any feedback
on this issue.

Basically we have a set up, where we have deployed an internal app, and we
have the Apache Server sitting on a box outside our firewall, so that it is
accessible over the www, and then the apache box redirects requests via
mod_jk to a tomcat-jboss (Tomcat4.0.1-JBoss2.4.4) bundle sitting inside the
firewall.  On our Apache Box, we also have the following plug-ins:
- mod_jk/1.1.0
- mod_ssl/2.8.4
- OpenSSL/0.9.6b

The problem we are having is that when clients from the www have tried to
access our application via the Apache Box, sometimes there connection to
Apache Box cannot be maintained, and it times out, never reaching the first
page of the application.  We have found that when someone from within our
firewall then hits the Apache Box (through the same www address as the
external clients), it seems to 'reset' whatever the problem was for the
external clients, and then THEY can then hit the site no problems, and
everything is fine.  WEIRD.

If anyone has seen this kind of problem before, please write back!!!



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