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From George Schlossnagle <>
Subject Re: Load Balancing through Apache
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 14:14:33 GMT

To be pedantic for a moment, what you seem to be asking for is 
ip-failover, not load-balancing.  Many products claim to do both while 
really just providing the former.  There are a number of solutions to 
your problem, both commercial and free-software based.  Commercial load 
balancers (by companies like Cisco, Foundry, Extreme Networks, Coyote 
Point, etc.) provide this sort of service.  On the free side their is 
mod_backhand (, an Apache module 
that performs resource based load-balancing, and wackamole 
( an ip-failover solution.  This 
differs from LVS (which another poster recommended) in that it does not 
require a dedicated machine that LVS does, and eliminates it as a 
single-point of failure.

At the end of the day though, there's a smorgasborg of technologies, 
free and commercial, available to handle this task.  No one is right for 
all tasks, so it's probably worth figuring out exactly what the feature 
set you're looking for is and shopping around.


On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 01:00 PM, Amit Kaushik wrote:

> Dear All,
> Here is a situation. We have two servers running with apache 1.3.24 and 
> php
> 4.0.6 on both. We are serving some site from one server and some from
> another server. I want to make some kind of load balancing between 
> these two
> servers like if one server down we can server all the sites of down 
> server
> from the another server.
> I am giving you an example.
> Server Name S1 -------------- Site Name X
> Server Name S2 -------------- Site Name Y
> If server S1 Goes down can we server all the content of site X from 
> server
> S2. Please suggest me some solution.
> Any Kind of help will be appreciated.
> thanks
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