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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject At wit's end - trying to get Apache/Tomcat to use different port
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:28:04 GMT
Scoured archives, posted to Tomcat list, asked for help, desperate..

I'm having trouble getting Apache(2.0.39) to recognize Tomcat(4.0.4)
applications using port 7000 on Win2K.

In my Apache httpd.conf file I have set:

Listen 7000

and also have the servername set:
(also tried just the IP, tried IP and port, and port appended to

Everything works fine when just dealing on the actual machine that
Apache and Tomcat is on using localhost. In other words:

http://localhost:7000/ --- brings up Apache main page

http://localhost:7000/myTomcatAppName/index.jsp  --- serves up the
jsp struts application no problem

However when I try to access  I get an
Apache 404 url does not exist error

(going straight to Tomcat works fine on port 8080: )

Please someone help..this is driving me nuts. I know this should be
able to be done. I obviously don't have any mod_jk issues that I'm
aware of since things are working fine on local host. I just can't
seem to get it to pull up tomcat apps when not on the local machine.

For setting up Tomcat to work with Apache I followed the instructions
at this link:



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