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From BenoƮt Desmeules <>
Subject Apache2 modules version compatibility
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 14:16:01 GMT
Hi there

The product I'm working on at my company uses a web module as input, and, 
of course, we have modules for Apache1 and Apache2 and both works very fine.

However, today, I just upgraded my machine to 2.0.39 and noticed that my 
old module does not work. I had to recompile the module (I got a message 
"module msip_apr2.cpp is not compatible with this version of Apache. Please 
contact the vendor for the correct version.").

Up to now, it's ok. I thought I'd have to recompile the module and then it 
would work for any previous version of Aapche2. However, it's not the case. 
When the module was recompiled with Apache 2.0.39, I could not make it run 
on a 2.0.35 server (same error message as previous one).

My question is the following: does it always work like that? I mean, having 
to recompile your Apache2 modules when using a new version of Apache2? Is 
it specific to 2.0.39? I know some major security issue was resolved in 
2.0.39. What does someone that needs to deliver a commercial module should 
do? Download all versions of Apache2 and compile his module with all of 
them, having the binaries ready depending on what the client's version of 
Apache2 is? Or force the client to use 2.0.39 since it has a big security 
fix? What if the client refuses (remember, the client usually does not take 
the decision you expect him to take :P)?

Here's some info about our development environment :
	M$ Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
	Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 5

If you need more info to answer my question, please ask. I really need some 
feedback on this.
Thanks in advance


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