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From Jimmy Lantz <>
Subject RE: Strange things with virutal hosts
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 09:04:42 GMT
At 10:37 2002-07-03 +0200, you wrote:
> >From: Robert Andersson []
> >> http://develop             -> forreal
> >> http://develop/            -> develop
> >> http://develop/index.html  -> develop
> >
> >This is not the case (I saw Michiel tell that this wasn't so,
> >but I mean in general case). The client don't request the document with the
> >server name included in the path, and it's illegal to send a GET with a
> >null path, so the first case can never happen.
> >
> >For the two first the request should, and must, be:
> >
> >GET / HTTP/1.1
> >Host: develop
> >
> >...and for the last:
> >
> >GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
> >Host: develop
>Whoops - you're quite right. I was gettting mixed up with something like 
>http://server/banana (which causes a redirect if there is no file "banana" 
>but there is a directory "banana") and http://server/banana/ (which goes 
>straight into the directory and looks for the DirectoryIndex). In any 
>case, my original suspicion was that he was getting the develop server by 
>default because his redirect was to the generic IP address, didn't match 
>any VH ServerName and so took the first which was develop. After looking 
>at his config, it's probably not as simple as that :-)

How would one go about it to find the reasons of VH ServerName mismatch?
I get a mismatch that I cant see why it misse the destination VH and go to 
the Default VH.

>Owen Boyle.
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