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From "Paul D. Bain" <>
Subject Re: Quick yes/no question -- Answer is, "Yes."
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:43:04 GMT
At Thursday 7/11/02 10:20 PM, Chris Knipe wrote:

>Just a quick yes/no...
>When I defined a directive in httpd.conf, will it also be defined in all my
>Kind Regards,
>Chris Knipe


         Let me quote P.Wainwright, the author of the book "Professional 
Apache" (a damned good book):

                 A virtual host container can enclose almost any directive 
acceptable to the main server configuration, including other containers 
like 'Directory' and 'Location.' In addition, virtual hosts inherit all 
directives defined in the server location, including 'Directory' and 
'Location' directives specified there, 'Alias' and "ScriptAlias' 
directives, and so on. This allows a set of generic defaults to be 
specified for all virtual hosts that individual hosts can then override or 
supplement according to their needs.

</blockquote> P. 249.

         Elsewhere, Wainwright, when discussing using Apache as a proxy, 
qualifies this remark by adding that:

                 The 'Listen' directives are not inherited [by virtual 
hosts], since they are not valid in 'VirtualHost' containers. The 'User' 
and 'Group' directives are inheirited only if 'suEXEC' is in use. 
Otherwise, they have no effect. P. 289.


-- Paul Bain

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