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From "Andrew Kenna" <>
Subject RE: [admin] VitualHost problem finally fixed
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 06:48:41 GMT
I don't know whether this is called for but anyway, 

If you don't want people's help in this list or people annoy you if they have any answer to
everything UNSUBSCRIBE from this list and go figure out the answers to your own problems yourself.


-----Original Message-----
From: Admin []
Sent: Wednesday, 31 July 2002 4:17 PM
To: Apache Users
Subject: VitualHost problem finally fixed

Well, thanks alot all you wonderful 
so-called experts and people claiming this and that.

Most everybody on this list that claims to know something,
really frustrates me and others to no end....with their so-called
answers to questions.

I've been monitoring this list for a very long time, as well as
posting questions of my own. And most everytime i asked for help
someone claiming to know this or that, directed me (and others)
to look it up in the docs. Oh sure...they gave a short and sweet
so-called answer, but they always told us to GO LOOK IT UP.

Offering no help, but that, and i don't consider that help. As far as
that is concerned, I was led to believe that this list is supposed to
be for asking help and receiving same. Not just telling others to 
"GO LOOK IT UP" least that is what is stated on the "support"
 section on the apache website...for this list.

Well, thanks for nothing !!!!

VirtualHost FIX !!! (using ONE IP)

NOW, onto what I really wanted to do...for the sake of others on this list
that require help, (and never get it) on setting up their virtual hosts 
with it not working.  I finally found out why it doesn't work as it says
in the docs...which i might add need help and they leave 
important things out.

In order for this to work, as the docs say, and give as examples for...
you must first also place a virtualhost block for the main 
server config, the very first virtualhost section, then all
your other subdomains and/or domains are placed "AFTER" that. 
This is the important part left out of the docs,
and why so many people have trouble with it.

You also must have your BindAddress directive, set as " * "
and a FQDN  (Fully Qualified Domain Name) set as your "ServerName"
in the uppermost global config.

Also no one else has ever mentioned this very important
fact on this list, at all either. Wonder WHY that is?  eh?
makes you stop and think, doesn't it? Do these people who claim to 
know this or that, REALLY know what they say, or are they just
stuck up? selfish people?  You decide....

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