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From Hayo Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Filter and Reverse Proxy
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 10:28:05 GMT
We also made some experiments with external filtering with mod_filter on apache 1.3. We have
written some perl code, it did not work either. According to the documentation external filtering
is slow anyway. So another solution would be preferred.

>And by the way, isn't this< mod_replace >module interesting enough to be included
with the Apache distributions?<
I have contacted the author. He is still working on it and hopes to get out a new version
in a few days.  So, when that thing is stable enough, i will agree.

Hayo Schmidt

Igor Leturia schrieb:

>  Hi!
>  I need to do the same thing. I didn't know about the mod_replace
>module, so I've tried mod_ext_filter and made an external filter myself
>to do the replacements. The problem is the same: everything's fine with
>the local server directories (htdocs) which are not redirected by
>mod_proxy. The content that is redirected from other servers by
>mod_proxy unfortunately does not get filtered, but the filter gets
>blocked and so is the client. My OS is Windows 2000 Server and my Apache
>version 2.0.39.
>  I'm afraid this is not solution to you, I just wanted to point out my
>problem in case it brings some light to the Apache developper's towards
>the solution.
>  On the other hand, I would be interested to try the mod_replace module
>you mention (, but it is only in source
>version. Could someone possibly compile it for Windows and Apache 2.0.39
>and send it to me? And by the way, isn't this module interesting enough
>to be included with the Apache distributions?
>  Thanks in advance,
>						Igor Leturia
>>Hayo Schmidt [] wrote:
>>I configured an Apache 2.0 with mod_proxy as Reverse Proxy. It 
>>works fine.
>>Now i would like to pass the delivered pages through a filter. 
>>I want to 
>>correct some URL references in the html body.
>>I use the filter mod_replace (
>>The filter works with the local server directories (htdocs/, 
>>htodcs/manual) which are not redirected by mod_proxy. The content that 
>>is redirected from other servers by mod_proxy unfortunately 
>>does not get 
>>Does filtering generally not work in reverse proxy mode or do i have a 
>>configuration problem?
>>Any help would be appreciated, also if you can name a person outside 
>>this mailing list that could answer that question.
>>Hayo Schmidt
>>System environment:
>>Apache 2.0.39
>>SuSE-Linux 7.3
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