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From Pietro Cagnoni <>
Subject Re: "Smart quotes" w/ Apache
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 07:19:35 GMT
George Carless wrote:
> Hello,
> Our CMS system handles a lot of content that has been or will be pasted from
> Microsoft Word; consequently, I'd like to be able to take pasted content and
> replace Microsoft's nasty proprietary stuff -- "smart-quotes", and the like
> -- with "normal" equivalents.  That's no problem, in theory -- however, it
> appears that when such content is sent through a form, it's getting mangled
> on one of my servers but not on the other.  On the server which is running
> Apache 1.3.20 with PHP 4.0.6 (RedHat 7.2), the data that I pass gets through
> just fine.  However, on Apache 1.3.23/PHP 4.1.2 (RedHat 7.3), the data gets
> mangled so that  the string "This" (I've replaced smart quotes with 'real'
> quotes for the sake of mailreaders that don't recognise smart-quotes) comes
> through as ŵhis -- the opening quote *and* the first letter after it is
> being replaced by garbled characters, while the closing quote is just
> getting dropped.
> I'm not sure whether this is an issue with Apache or with PHP, but any help
> would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> --George

i don't know if it's an apache or php problem, but i'm almost sure 
it's an UTF-8 related problem. my wild guess: check how php on the 
malfunctioning machine handle the query string encoding.

hope this helps.


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