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From James Tait <>
Subject Re: Runtime error: "ap_null_cleanup: referenced symbol not found"
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 15:05:26 GMT
I asked them to go ahead with the --enable-rule="SHARED_CORE" and it 
worked.  Can anyone with more knowledge than I tell me what this flag does 
and why it is necessary?


JT (with POP3 access now I've written a POP3 proxy)

Flash Wilson wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 02:02:48PM +0100, James Tait wrote:
>> > I'm assuming that both these DSOs still exist in .../libexec
>> > but the DSOs will need to be made against the new version of apache
>>The DSO's definitely exist.  I've tried specifying relative and absolute
>>paths, with the same outcome.  They were also built *with* Apache, i.e.
>>the httpd binary that is failing to start, and the DSOs it is trying to
> Oh. Ok. Sorry, that was my best idea.
> If I think of anything, Ill shout. :)

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