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From Jose Antonio Esquivel <>
Subject Re: Can a virutal host be set to *.domain.tld ?
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 00:10:48 GMT
If all of this domains resolve to the same IP, you could use the 
_defalt_ virtual host, this way you don't have to set all the 
ServerAlias for every name.

JW wrote:

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>I've been asked to find an answer to this question... I am not sure if we are talkign
about name-based or IP-based virutal hosting, I wasn't told.
>For the sake of the discussion I'm going to assume it's name-based.
>Basically, my boss wants a virtual host set up that will properly respond to _any_hostname_
on a certain domain. 
>For example, it's easy to set up a virtual host that listens to a selecetd few hosts:
>	ServerName domain.tld
>	ServerAlias www.domain.tld
>	ServerAlias www2.domain.tld
>	ServerAlias admin.domain.tld
>	ServerAlias test.domain.tld
>	ServerAlias backup.domain.tld
>but, what do you do when you want what basically amounts to a server alias for any and
every host? Something like ServerAlias *.domain.tld.
>Is something like thi seven possible? I am not 100% sure but I get the impression that
a redirection is not a possibiltiy (I may be wrong).
>Persuming. however, that redirecting is out of the question, what could be done in this
>Again, I am presuming that we're talkign about name-based vhosting, though I may be wrong.
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