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From YP <>
Subject Re: Authentication and Single Sign On Support
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 06:24:00 GMT
Maurizio Marini wrote:
> On Sunday 07 July 2002 11:44 am, YP wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Despite some time spent searching an Open Source authentication module
>>that could support Single-Sign-On within Apache, I have not found any
>>that meets my expectations.
> -maumar
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Well, I might have been too fast in filing pubcookie in the category of 
code that do not meet my expectations but :
- The licensing scheme is unclear (cgic !), How the UW licensing differs 
from GPL and Apache ?
- The code is strongly attached to the University of Washington (shall I 
   add "AuthType     UWNetId" everywhere, login screen defaults to UW),
- mod_pubcookie seems complex,it might be hard to extend, It seems to 
mix HTTP authentication with UW authentication...
-  the login application is pure "C" code, I don't think it makes it 
easy to extend and to integrate in an application. It should rather be 
based on languages more familiar to web developpers (Java or PHP,
-  code does not compile easily (missing file),
- ...

This might be bad reasons, but I do not feel comfortable with pubcookie.
Has anyone, outside UW, experienced  pubcookie ?


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