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From Pietro Cagnoni <>
Subject Re: Figuring out how much memory apache is using?
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 07:39:36 GMT
Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:
> Pietro Cagnoni wrote:
>> every single child needs 15M, but all the children share a part of it.
>> the way to know how much exactly is shared depends on the operating 
>> system. ask for more help if you need.
> Could you elaborate on this, especially for Linux? Asumming that each 
> uses 15M and, for arguments sake, 5M is shared and 10M used by the child 
>  itself it would mean that on a 256M machine you should spawn more than 
> about 20 children or else you will start swapping out?
> I must be missing something here :)
> Jc

you're right, that's the way it works.

the workarounds i know are:

1) reduce the size of the executable, eliminating all the
modules you don't need;

2) disable keepalive; this way every child will be immediately
available for any request, instead of waiting for the next request
from the same client.

there may be smarter workarounds. let me know if you find any!
even the new threaded architecture of apache 2 could help,
but i didn't tried it yet.


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