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From Jeff Beard <>
Subject Re: Apache w/ mysql and php upgrade...
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 19:27:53 GMT
Steve Bertrand wrote:
> I am in the need to upgrade apache from 1.3.24 to 26 due to the recent 
> vulnerability advisory.  I have successfully done this on one server with 
> php4 module built in.
> I am in no way familiar with mysql and it's integration with apache, so I am 
> very concerned about how upgrading apache will affect the rest of the servers 
> mysql operation.

It's only integrated if you build php with mysql support. And if it's an 
on-going requirement then all you should need to know is to give the 
--with-mysql switch to configure for the php distro. Which you probably 
already have done.

> As a test, I simply copied the httpd binary from the updated server to a test 
> server still on 24, and it now shows up as 1.3.26.
> Is this a legitimate way to upgrade apache, or are there other files that 
> should be upgraded as well to protect against the vulnerability?

Sure. I've done that with no ill effects. The only caveat is if you 
build modules as DSOs. Then you should go ahead and do "make install" 
once your build is done.


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