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From Jeff Beard <>
Subject Re: Help needed on upgrade problem and garbled .so file
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 18:21:13 GMT wrote:


> - It's my understanding that Redhat has provided this. Check 
> -
> (1.3.22 provided.) Unfortunately doesn't include mod_ssl and I can't be sure 
> compatible with existing mod_ssl. Too risky in a live environment.)

Right. It's a separate rpm. Do you have another box you can test it on?


> - The rpms with update the binary files and should leave your customized 
> - files alone or make a backup of them. Additionally, if you installed 
> - from source, rpm doesn't know anything about that and shouldn't mess 
> -  with it if it's all in /usr/local/apache.
> As I said above. I am too scared because of SSL and being in a live 
> environment. Can't afford too risk the present system.


> I guess the main problem is I am a one man band doing all tasks and am scred 
> of being stuck up a river without a boat and having crossed the riiver and 
> burnt the bridge behind me then finding myself stuck in the mud with the tide 
> rising and having sawn off a piece of wood to save me and finding it is too 
> short and can't be put back together again.

It's never as bad as you imagine it to be. :) I've been a one-man shop 
(sysadmin/programmer/data entry/towel boy) on more than one occasion.

Best option to mitigate risk is to duplicate the environment on another 
box and try the upgrade.

If you don't, I suggest building from source and configure that instance 
to listen on a different port for testing. When you're satisfied, change 
the config to listen on port 80, down the old version and start the new one.

> I'll keep looking but perhaps I'll just live with the risk until my next 
> server. (Thankfully within 2 months). 

That's cool, I guess, but if you're really concerned you could also pony 
up for a support call to Redhat and make double sure the rpm upgrade 
won't bung things up.


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