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From Phillip Blake <>
Subject Re: A panicked newbie that needs a little help
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 03:13:11 GMT
Hi Owen,

Thanks for your comments...  I appreciate your speedy response.

If it is no hassle, I would love to have your notes as an additional 
reference point.

Can I ask you to elaborate a little on the recompile process?  Do I have 
to completely recompile Apache's source code with the fixed file or can 
I simply recompile that particular file?  Now I actually use my gray 
matter, I think that may have been a stupid question.  Anyhow, the 
proposition still stands - can I compile a single file?

Phillip Blake

Boyle Owen wrote:

>>From: Phillip Blake []
>>Before I get blasted for this seemingly mindless request, please know 
>>that within 3 months I have changed from Windose to Linux, setup the 
>>Apache web server running PHP4, Mod_SSL and mySQL.  All are working 
>>magnificently - I currently have 6 clients hosted on this server.
>Congratulations and welcome to Open-source!
>>How the hell do I apply the latest Apache patch for the recent 
>>Encoding' issue?  As a newbie, I am familiar with using the patch 
>>command but when this patch asks me what file/s to patch...  I 
>>have a clue.  I am equally confused whether you can patch your live 
>>Apache server or whether you must first patch the source and then 
>>recompile the server?  If the later is true, how does this affect a 
>>configuration that has been compile with PHP as a module using mySQL?
>You can't patch a running server - you have to edit the faulty file, recompile, stop apache,
install the new binary, start apache.
>Rather than patching, I did a complete upgrade to the latest source (1.3.26). Did you
keep notes when you compiled the last time? If yes, just follow the same process but with
the new apache version. If no,... oh dear....
>If you do have to work it all out again, keep a note of exactly every command you type
when compiling/installing. Then when you need to upgrade again, it will be a breeze. If you
like, I can send you my notes from this (although I don't have PHP or mySQL but I do use mod_perl)
or check out Luc de Louw's guide on

>Owen Boyle
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