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From Jeff Beard <>
Subject Re: msi aborts on attempt to install 2.0.39 over 2.036 on NT4.0
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 01:45:15 GMT
I don't mean to be impertinent (or offensive) but you didn't 
specifically mention using the "Add/Remove Software" control panel to 

Anyway, if you have done so and I haven't offended you so much you quit 
reading, you are probably correct in that there's a registry key it's 
tripping over.

Have you tried a search for 'Apache'? I found 2 keys in 
HKEY_L_M\Software\: "Apache Group" and "Apache Software Foundation".


Jennifer Allen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm attempting to upgrade to Apache 2.0.39 over the top of an existing 
> 2.0.36
> installation, on winNT4.0 service pack 6.0a, using windows installer 
> V1.10.1029.1 .
> The install terminates immediately with message:
>   "Another version of this product is already installed.  Installation 
> of this version
>    cannot continue.  To configure or remove the existing version of this 
> product,
>    use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel."
> V 2.0.36 installed flawlessly May 15 from .msi, taking all defaults, and 
> has been
> running since. The service was stopped and the machine rebooted before 
> beginning
> the upgrade. No other web servers are present. Moving, renaming or 
> deleting the
> old 2.0.36 directories, startup shortcuts, and  the service itself made 
> no difference.
> There seems to be no way to do further uninstall thrrough the Control 
> Panel and
> nothing obvious in regedit although I am a novice with registries.
> The docs and faqs refer to reinstalls that leave conf files unchanged, 
> etc, so I'm
> assuming it must be possible to install over an existing older version.  
> I must be
> missing something very basic here. I ran NCSA httpd on Solaris for 5 
> years but
> am not a Windows expert...  Can someone please advise how to proceed 
> with the
> upgrade?
> Many thanks for your time,
> Jennifer Allen
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