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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: Restricting access with both IP address and password
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 14:38:48 GMT
Trish Hartnett wrote:

> Hello,
>  thank you to everyone for their help yesterday. If anyone can sugest 
> what's wrong with my shebang line that I can only get CGI Perl scripts 
> to work that have .cgi as an extension, all suggestion are welcome. If 
> not I'll happily just use .cgi as an extension.
> I was reading lots of documentation again today and I'm curious about 
> the capabilities of the htacess file. Most sources agree that you can 
> use htaccees to limit access by password, or by IP address (/domain 
> name). Only one source mentioned using both. It said that if you used 
> for example:
> "Deny from all
> Allow from
> Allow from 169.147
> Allow from 129.237
> AuthType Basic
> AuthUserFile /pulse-root/som/.htpasswd
> AuthName "Directory Protected"
> Require valid-user
> Satisfy any"
> This would set up IP access that defaults to a
> password prompt when the user is out of the IP range.
> Is it possible to have a page/folder restricted such that only 
> individuals sitting at a particular computer could get access to that 
> page, and then only if they knew the correct password ?

Yes.  If you know what the IP address was for the computer, you'd put 
that in an allow directive, use the require valid-user directive, and 
then instead of "satisfy any" use "satisfy all"

Jack Nerad

> I know that this sounds silly, because there is no real point having a 
> web page that can be only viewed from a single computer by authorised 
> users.

Yes there is.

> Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.
> Thanks again for everyone's help,
> Trish.

Jack Nerad

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